WOMB Dance Thrive Tour

Wild Divine Practices to help the Feminine THRIVE!

This year I have committed to venturing out to meet women around the US as well as across the globe to have important conversations about what it takes to help women thrive!

I am sharing my WOMB Dance practices, rewilding dance journeys, temple dance alignments and Sister Share Rituals to help inspire cultural change one woman at a time.

We are interviewing women of all walks of life to get the full picture of the gems of wisdom women hold at this time to support the rise of the feminine to happen with vital health, joy, feminine empowerment and authenticity.

I believe cultural change begins at home. As we each begin to recognize and value the feminine within us in our day to day and at work, the ripple into cultural awakening must follow suit.

But first its all about you. How can we help you connect with your body, take time to come back to balance, to feel energized, creatively lit up and grateful for the beauty of your life again.

Basically rediscovering the magic and sweetness of being a woman.

When this happens a woman's life transforms.

How she feels and shows up day to day and at work changes.


This is good news!

When a woman is inspired, happy and whole... Wow do amazing things happen for everyone around her, her community and the things she cares about!

This is for you to get started on your transformational journey.

To consider your feminine side and what she needs to begin to thrive.

Your Instructor

Ixeeya Lin
Ixeeya Lin

We are dedicated to restoring the feminine back to her full embodied glory!
Awakening your confidence and pleasure and helping you find inner peace and authentic power is our mission. Through womens anatomy, the way of the womb, sacred dance, council, ritual, and the expressive arts you are guided to learn new aspects of yourself.

I heard the call over almost 20 years ago, to gather with woman, during a very tender time of awakening of healing my own disempowered shame and abuse I carried with me since childhood that repeated over and over again until I was willing to notice patterns and begin to listen and make change happen.

I began to learn about womens culture through somatic healing and a trip to India in the late 90s. My life unfolded from there and I was held and mentored by powerful, heart centered, wise women, initiated to help other women heal too. I learned how to heal and turn my experiences and stories into art and inspiration that motivated me to help other women do the same.

This became my personal mission in supporting evolution and global change.
Feminine Restoration is a wild messy dance !
A glorious adventure through creative life force, sexuality, emotions, the feeling body, ritual and release.

It is the awakened path forward that occurs one woman at a time through women gathering together authentically learning from each other.

Our programs are an invitation to let go of roles and boxes to remember, pause, celebrate, listen, connect and create with the wisdom of the emerging feminine wisdom within you.

It is my greatest joy to guide you home to yourself.

Welcome dear woman! We are so excited to have you with us!

- Ixeeya Lin & the Womens Tent Team

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