W.O.M.B. Dance: Sacred Power

Dance your prayers, Retrieve your Sacred Feminine Power


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Novembers 2018 WOMB Dance is Sold Out.

We take a specific number of women each time to support an

intimate deepening through our course.

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Ixeeya Lin and the Womens Tent

An 8 Week On - Line Women's Womb Centered Empowerment practice.

Our next launch is a holiday journey... November 18 - January 12

Power loss leaves us exhausted, unmotivated, resentful, self conscious, lost and lonely.

Learn the creative alchemy of movement, meditation and sisterhood to find the root cause of your power loss starting at the base of your body, your sacred center, so you can experience winter and the holidays as the true celebration and time of nourishment they were meant to be to fuel the rest of your year.

Our Body Prayers and W.O.M.B. Dance techniques will help you discover your authentic power from the inside out unfolding through the potent land scape of the holidays.

Each week I will introduce you to a new theme of womens power and how it relates to the season. You will be offered a core feminine teaching, a sacred dance and meditation to integrate it into your life coupled with the ritual potential of the holiday season. We will help you infuse your holiday season with new energy, connection and sacred meaning. Our Journey is as follows...

Week 1 : Going inward: Dance of your Sacred Center ( Womb illumination and feminine anatomy)

Week 2 : Fall Harvest: Dance of Feminine Activation ( Breast illumination and power, praise and desire)

Week 3: Thanksgiving: Mother Wound Dance (Power retrieval, Ovarian power, rewriting your story)

Week 4 : Winters Shadow: Shame Alchemy Dance ( Somatic anatomy and dance of deep listening)

Week 5: Winters Womb: Pelvic Power Dance, Awakening Core Confidence (Receiving elemental power, releasing pain and fear, reclaiming joy)

Week 6: Solstice Light: Pelvic Pleasure Dance, Your Feminine Genus (how to generate and direct life force energy to stay healthy, fertile and orgasmic)

Week 7: The Christmas Gift: Body Temple, Body prayer ( potent intelligence of your emotions and chakras)

Week 8: A New Year Self Love Revelation Dance (Shakti Thrive and your soul mission)

So are you experiencing anxiety, apathy, lack of sexual desire, cant find your orgasm, cant find your place in this world? Riddled with shame and pain, doubting your self and struggling with confidence?Are you longing to create a new experience of being a woman? A new way to create joy and meaning for yourself?

If you are needing a way to stop the voice of the inner critic, awaken your authentic inner power and learn more about your female body to celebrate your body as you are, then his can help you.

This is a movement and ritual based program for women ready to make time for transformation.

The first tier is working in community with council, healing dance and the art of feminine praise on our weekly private Zoom Video conference call. As well as a private chat room for community support throughout the week.

Ixeeya leads this live on - line 8 week womens group that gives you support and accountability to really look deep into yourself with humor, depth, sacred dance and ritual practice.

You receive a weekly worksheet with the empowerment themes, discovery experiments and inspirations for personal inquiry. Each week you will be guided in a simple embodied somatic empowerment practice matched with the theme of the week. You will also be given an audio meditation to further implement each weekly theme.

Your weekly goodie bag is filled with nourishing recipes of holiday food and tea blends to keep your body vital throughout the season. This is for the woman who desires consistent community of sisters in her life to stay on track with her growing power, a woman who loves to have food for thought and sisters to meet up and share with each week. We rotate meeting Sunday Mornings and Monday Evenings.

Tier 2 you get tier one along with access to the on -line classroom of video practices and audio instructionals to explore power loss and power restoration from several angles... Somatic anatomy teachings, Chakra balancing practices, Hip flexor and womb centered yoga, Sacred temple dances, WOMB Dance basics, Dance movement healing, Sacred feminine meditations, new moon self care practices, how to source power and sooth emotions, bringing the feminine genius to work with you, sensual dance practice, power songs and chants, how to balance your hormones with with yoga and tea, how orgasm works and how it feeds your power, voice activations, movement meditations to shift anxiety and overwhelm, Shamanic power and how to bodily clear and call back energy.

Tier 3 includes the first 2 tiers plus add on 6 private sessions with Ixeeya to go deeper into your transformation with personalized support and teachings. This is for 1-6 women who really have the time and desire to learn and grow. When the time is right the presence of a guide, mentor, coach is invaluable for taking your growth, power and dreams to the next level. Ixeeya can help you transform power loss and the effects of trauma as well a mentor you in deepening your personal or healing arts practice when the time is right.

The 3 tiers of participation are detailed more below with pricing so you can choose what kind of commitment is right for you at this time.

Womens Tent Power Loss: W.O.M.B. Dance

Womens Initiation to her true authentic sacred feminine power.

Are you experiencing?

  • Low self esteem, relentless self criticism, debilitating doubt and social anxiety that makes it hard to achieve your goals and make time for you?
  • Have you been wondering about who your feminine self is and struggle to feel connected to your female body, sexual desire and period feeling disgusted and inconvenienced, having regular period pain, vaginal numbness, low libido, tight jaw, stiff hips, low back pain, ovarian cysts, fibroids, painful sex or infertility?
  • Are your emotions and inability to create healthy boundaries derailing your life and relationships with mood swings, anxiety, isolation, feeling "crazy", anger, indigestion and sense of feeling stuck?
  • Do you struggle with knowing who you are, self worth and what you want feeling hijacked by nightmares or negative thoughts, distracted and overwhelmed by old experiences of shame, violation, rape you thought should be healed by now?
  • Does a sense of exhaustion from so much doing and proving have you wondering and worrying about your health, future and creative potential?

In the Power Loss: WOMB Dance You Learn about

  • Restoration of your Feminine with Expert teachings on how to live from your root and access womb wisdom and authentic self love that deeply nourishes your body and redirects criticism and doubt to praise and gratitude naturally. You will learn to weave YOU time into modern life while discovering your deepest longing and most authentic goals aligned with the truth of who YOU are.
  • Greater vital health and feminine alignment with Practices to unwind your body emotionally, physically, and spiritually to discover the source of pain and disconnect in your body and the power that lives inside your female body to increase blood and nerve flow, emotional awareness of pain to reorganize your pelvic floor alignment instilling greater vital health and feminine empowerment.
  • Weekly integration practices to help you to quiet your mind and understand your emotional intelligence. Instruction on how dance can transform hard emotions into new opportunity for personal growth, empowerment and connection in your relationships.
  • An oasis from the world. A safe space, healing rituals and deep understanding of trauma to do the healing and unraveling needed to free yourself of the debilitating power loss effects of shame and violation to reclaim your feminine genius.
  • Tried and true ancient Womb medicine that knows exactly how to dive deep into your vital creative life force and wild intelligence the modern world strips us of.
  • Activation practices to open your full chakra system, body, voice and circulate sexual life force to instill new sources of energy and confidence any where you are with your breath and body, make proving oneself totally irrelevant.
Women's Tent Core Curriculum

WOMB Dance 8 week Program

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Tier 1 : Sister Share: Scared Body, Scared Life Circle Series:

space for 15 women

8, 2 hr Video Conference formatted circles, 2 Womb sister calls and one 1/2 hr good bye call. ...Our weekly Sister Share webinars and weekly WOMB Dance integration practices help you to understand and embrace your female body, emotional intelligence and give you valuable reflection to awaken your feminine genius in your life.

An amazing catalyst to feel support and personal growth filled with resources, new perspectives and inspiration.

Weekly assignments and Meditation audio... Weekly themes and Integration worksheets to explore new aspects of yourself through the seasonal medicine. These will support your practice and prepare you for your group share in the next circle. The audio will help you integrate the teachings from each week.

Access to the private FB Group to have access to like minded women to learn and grow with and have access to valuable reflections when you need it.

Tier 2: Sacred Feminine Temple: On-line studio access

Space for 15 women.

Dedicated to feminine restoration through your body. A journey home to wholeness and personal power. Helping you enjoy your body and release blocks to success and power from a womb centered lens. WOMB Dance is the core curriculum of the Womens Tent. With featured self care and empowerment teachings that are offered sequentially to help you establish a new way of feeling and being a woman. Culminating in you having a new way of living vitally, creativity, spiritual and sensually in your body. Full Sacred feminine power.

Filled with Instructional Videos, Audios, Worksheets, Charts, Inspirational images to begin living your life with embodied power and sacred pleasure. For women who are hungry for more and antsy to try on new ways of experiencing their personal power through their body.

Weekly surveys ... so that you can track what your learning and integrating each week.

Body Art Somatic Anatomy practice based in creative experiential learning techniques and shamanic healing utilizing drawing and collage to integrate physical, energetic and emotional growth to really get how AMAZING you and your body are!

Support emails in your INBOX every 3 days to guide you in your practice with personal empowerment themes that expand on the weekly practice themes with inspirational quotes and reminders each step of the way.

Closing Bonuses and Discounts

Tier 3 WOMB Dance personal sacred feminine power mentorship.

Space for 6 women

Private Sessions Package with Ixeeya lin 6 1:1 package ... Get personalized support and healing with your specific questions or issues that have been holding your full power back. Ixeeya's 20 years of experience with womens healing, ritual arts, embodied empowerment and creative leadership offer you unique insight and transformation from the 3 levels of the body, mind process. Ixeeya Lin coaches women with deep presence, passion and a masterful understanding of trauma and creative life force.

Each session has a unique blend of personal revelation, spiritual epiphany and shamanic healing, clear next steps and a practice RX to integrate your session into your life. Specializing in life cycle transitions, sexual trauma, brain injury recovery, and rekindling spiritual purpose for your work and daily living.

Private sessions are for women really ready to take their awakened Creative Feminine power and shamanic way of the womb into their daily life, relationships and work. Sessions can be personalized teachings, coaching or therapeutic in style.

Investment: 1 time payment or a 3 month payment plan

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"WOMB Dance Reclaim is a thoughtful and extensive self-directed exploration of the feminine essence. I loved the flexibility of the program and the breadth of the practices. Although it can be challenging to integrate the practices daily, the nature of the work is such that the very intention to do so is powerful. I learned so much, and was frequently both surprised and delighted by the unexpected wisdom and insight that would flow through the work. I finished the program with the sense that I had added a new layer to my daily practice and perspective. Ixeeya is a gentle and joyous teacher. She creates a safe and nurturing space for the full range of the feminine experience, and brings both acceptance and humor to her work. When working with her, there is no doubt as to the wisdom and strength of all women. She leaves every woman she touches more empowered and embodied than they were before. Thank you, Ixeeya!"

"More than the specifics, this course has changed my orientation to the role my body and feminine energy play in everyday life. I'm still exploring a lot of the specifics, since there was so much information and a lot of it is still integrating. Overall, I found that even just sitting and meditating for a few minutes or dancing to one song can help me ground and focus. From here, I want to continue exploring the specifics and find the little ways they can settle into my daily life. I want to continue to explore innocence, sensuality, emotions such as loneliness and doubt, and find ways to bring this embodiment and insight to my work and interactions."

"WOMB Dance ~ Reclaim has activated a sensual, sacred feminine quality that had long been hidden within my body. This inner access to these feminine roots and branches that have harvested within me, is similar to a jewel being found at the bottom of an ocean. The way that I begun to notice my womb and yoni, allowing her to guide and protect me through each day, has been a profound gift that Ixeeya's program opened up within me. As I become more tapped and surrender to the wisdom within, I feel beautiful, present and powerful energies allowing me to go deeper, with safety and a devotion to reclaim all of the internal places in my body that have led to suppression. Following all of this with an open, firmly rooted womb, has created the support to nourish and tend to the inner and outer gardens of my own potential and potency. I am deeply blessed and humbled to support and be guided through these pathways, with someone who has been there too."

"I feel less afraid of my emotions and have tools to work through hard emotions now."

After you take WOMB Dance Reclaim you are eligible to move on to our next module Pathways to Pleasure and then Peace within.

After you have taken all three I and am happy to consider you for my Women's Leadership training

I am happy to discuss this program and my trainings with you to see if this is a match on a personal phone call.

Please set up a free phone meetup with me to get started!

Results of learning to live and move Womb centered ...

- Deep understanding of how your female body works and the power available to you.

- Gives you more energy
- Align you with authentic self love
- Support immunity and fertility
- Teach you the empowering healing origins of belly dance technique
- Awaken the divine feminine within you
- Sooth and transform shame and doubt
- Restore creative inspiration
- Transform negative critical self talk patterns
- Unlock tightness and stiffness in your back, hips, heart and jaw
- Support your blood to flow with ease and with out pain
- Release old stuck stored up emotions
- Feel freer in your body
- Build up your confidence and self esteem
- Ease and delight in meeting your sacred self and holy energy each day
- Help you understand of your female anatomy
- Hormonal Balancing
- Clear brain fog

- Release Jealousy

- Start to feel oneness and peace

- Experience deep feeling and vulnerability

- Inspire your libido
- Increase fertility
- Open you up to new possibility
- Reduce stress and anxiety
-Feel more free and powerful in your female body.

Transform your shame and doubt through healing movement, meditation, shamanic journeying and sisterhood to cultivate the sacred empowered feminine feminine within you..

Women ready to transform and restore the feminine on the planet together the doors are open for you.

We begin our journey with our Live Sacred Feminine Initiation Ritual on November 10

Your Instructor

Ixeeya Lin
Ixeeya Lin

We are dedicated to restoring the feminine back to her full embodied glory!
Awakening your confidence and pleasure and helping you find inner peace and authentic power is our mission. Through womens anatomy, the way of the womb, sacred dance, council, ritual, and the expressive arts you are guided to learn new aspects of yourself.

I heard the call over almost 20 years ago, to gather with woman, during a very tender time of awakening of healing my own disempowered shame and abuse I carried with me since childhood that repeated over and over again until I was willing to notice patterns and begin to listen and make change happen.

I began to learn about womens culture through somatic healing and a trip to india in the late 90s. My life unfolded from there and I was held and mentored by powerful, heart centered, wise women, initiated to help other women heal too. I learned how to heal and turn my experiences and stories into art and inspiration that motivated me to help other women do the same.

This became my personal mission in supporting evolution and global change.
Feminine Restoration is a wild messy dance !
A glorious adventure through creative life force, sexuality, emotions, the feeling body, ritual and release.

It is the awakened path forward that occurs one woman at a time through women gathering together authentically learning from each other.

Our programs are an invitation to let go of roles and boxes to remember, pause, celebrate, listen, connect and create with the wisdom of the emerging feminine wisdom within you.

It is my greatest joy to guide you home to yourself.

Welcome dear woman! We are so excited to have you with us!

- Ixeeya Lin & the Womens Tent Team



Congratulations !

Woman You did it! You took time for yourself, Took initiative to learn more about your female body and your feminine genius and opened your womb and heart to new possibility! That is something to celebrate.

I hope you take this all with you...

Every day is the perfect day to learn to love yourself more and become a more empowered authentic embodied version of yourself! Keep dancing your dance and outshining shame !

As you awaken your feminine power I believe it brightens the planet too.

One woman, one Womb, one circle at a time we will heal this land.

Thank you for taking time for you and brightening the planet

with your feminine genius!

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The 3 WOMB Dance Modules are the door way the next layers of training with Ixeeya.

Module 2 : Pathways to Pleasure will be coming up in the spring of 2018.

- Embodied Woman: Modern Priestess Leadership Training.

- Return of Wild Feminine Practitioner Training

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